Yard & Lawn Maintenance

Clean Air Lawn Care MooseWhen you hire Clean Air Lawn Care for yard & lawn maintenance, you’re employing a team of lawn care professionals committed to sustainable and organic lawn care – the Grassmasters. Our expertise is an asset to you and your yard. Years of experience have taught us the Golden Rule of lawn maintenance: treat each lawn individually and with respect to the climate and conditions that affect it.

Lawn Maintenance A Mother (Nature) Can Love

Yard and Lawn Maintenance - Clean Air Lawn Care

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careThree Reasons Our Lawn Maintenance Is Exceptional

  1. Sustainable – We invented solar-powered mowing. Need we say more? The solar panels that sit atop our trucks to charge the equipment reduce our law care emissions to zero.
  2. Organic – We apply organic fertilizers and treatments to bring out a lawn’s natural beauty, while creating a harmonious relationship with nature and a safe environment for you.
  3. Professional – We’re experts, we wear uniforms, we’re engaging, and we always leave your lawn better looking than we find it…always.

Organic Leaf that represents organic lawn care.Advancing Sustainable & Organic Lawn Maintenance

As sustainable and organic lawn practices continue to evolve, we will too. Our Grassmasters know that to consistently provide the best service to our clients, we must constantly be looking to learn more about lawn care. Which is why, even when we’re not out in your yard, we’re still working on ways to improve it. Whether that involves talking shop with other organic lawn pros, participating in environmental trainings from sustainability experts, or even collaborating with leading lawn equipment companies to develop new, zero-emission mowers, we’ve sought and will continue to.

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careYard & Lawn Maintenance “Best Practices”

Although we tailor our maintenance programs to the individual needs of each yard, there are also a number of organic lawn care techniques that have proven universally effective, which we apply to every lawn we treat. Our list of best practices include everything from mowing tall (which keeps grass blades heartier) to using natural fertilizers that sustain strong root growth.

We promise to design a yard and lawn maintenance program that is cost-effective, sustainable, and that will yield a yard of natural, great looking grass.

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